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Iran has a reasonable choice of accommodation that can be divided into three categories include of hotels, Eco-lodge hostels & Caravansary.

Iran hotels, like all over the world, are categorized into groups of one, two, three, four and five stars that Each of them includes different services and, accordingly, have different costs too. Hostels & hotel apartments are also other types of residences in this category that are cheaper but offer fewer facilities to the guests. Museum-hotels, garden-hotels & caravansary-hotels also there are in this category but they are More luxurious & expensive. Eco-lodge hostels are kinds of different residents, which are built with local materials & they are trying to get the most compatibility with the environment where it is located. staying in these residents is a great opportunity to become familiar with the native culture. Caravansaries are the oldest and most traditional form of accommodation in Iran. So everything is simple and traditional there, with all these Still staying in a caravansary can be the most dreamy and exciting event that can happen in your life. 

Prices rise in April each year and the rates are displayed (usually in Arabic numerals) at the reception. We reserve the  first class and tourist class hotels all over Iran for you and  in the case of your  inclination  the confirmation will be sent  throughout 48 hours
Here is some helpful quick information about Iran hotels in main cities:

Tehran Hotels

Tehran is the largest city of Iran and the city with most traffic, the location of your hotel if of importance, be sure to consider location before booking. Many of Tehran hotels are equipped with WiFi, room service, tourist information desk, laundry and … also most Tehran hotels (3* and upper) have restaurants for lunch and dinner besides breakfast.

Espinas Palace Hotel (5 stars)
Parsian Enghelab Hotel (4 stars)
 Parsian Esteghlal Hotel (5stars)
 Asareh Hotel (4 stars)

Shiraz Hotels

Most Shiraz Hotels are in the city center close to tourist locations. Unless you prefer to have a hotel in a greener more relaxed environment. Several traditional guest houses have also become popular which are located in traditional urban structures with it's our attractions

Taha Traditional Hostel
Karim khan Hotel (3 stars)
Shiraz Grand Hotel (5 stars)
Eram hotel (3 stars)
Isfahan Hotels

Hotels in Isfahan are also better chosen based on their location besides their hotel stars. You can choose to be near tourist attractions and city center or to choose your Isfahan hotel in a more quiet location.

Parsian Kowsar Hotel (5 stars)
Khaju Hotel (4 stars)
Atigh Traditional Hotel (4 stars)
 Keryas Hotel

Yazd Hotels

Most of Yard’s hotels are traditional ones that basically were great old houses and have been changed into hotels in recent years. Most of Yazd’s hotels provide a traditional atmosphere which many tourists enjoy. Please choose your Iran hotels and leave their booking to us. If you have a further query about any of the hotel, you can contact us first and then fill out the accommodation form

Mozafar Traditional Hotel (3 stars)
Moshir Almamalek Hotel (5 stars)
Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel (4 stars)
Dad Hotel (4 stars)

Kashan Hotels

Kashan is full of historical homes that have been converted to hotels. And staying in these kinds of hotels could be such a great different experience. In May, which is the time of making rosewater, is the high season for traveling to Kashan.

Manouchehri Traditional Hotel
Mahinestan Raheb Hotel
 Amir Kabir Hotel
Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel

 Mashhad hotels

Mashhad is one of the most important religious tourism destinations in Iran. In this city, you have a wide range of choices between five stars luxury hotels with lots of services to a comfortable stay.

Darvishi Hotel (5 stars)
Almas(2) Hotel (5 stars)
Almas(1) hotel (4 stars)
Ghasre Talaee Hotel (5 stars)