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Iran Varzaneh Desert Tour

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Category: City (2 tours)
Created by: IranMagictravel
Published on: 11 March 2019

If you're short on time and want to get a taste of Varzaneh desert in just one delightful day, this easy-to-follow, one-day Varzaneh itinerary offers a fun mix of some of Varzaneh's top sights and things to do.


Your day begins with a scenic drive toward eastern of Isfahan. The drive will takes about 1hour and 15 minutes from Isfahan to Varzane.

On the way we will see a lot of historical monuments like Bersian Jame mosque and Dashti mosque

The First impression in Varzaneh is a marvelous overlook where you can get out of the car and check out the spectacular views of Varzane Bridge (more than 400 years old). The bridge is the last old bridge over Zayanderud River and has 10 arches

Then we go to heart of the magic point of this region (2 ecosystems near each other), close to Varzaneh dry desert, you can find Gavkhooni wetland. Gavkhooni is a preserved ecosystem,

At noon we visit Bull draining well (Haj-Ibrahim revived the system from 50 years ago, using a specific race of ox and...)

Having lunch at traditional house. After lunch we will visit the desert

10kms south of Varzaneh next Desert around Gavkhoni beautiful surroundings, walking on sand dunes, then going through the desert by exciting safari

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