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Renowned for its world-famous historical monuments, UNESCO heritage sites and natural beauty, Iran is expected to be mainly favored by cultural visitors and Nature enthusiasts. Although that's true, other fields of the hospitality sector, such as health tourism, also give the Middle East nation a competitive edge.

Hoping to capitalize on such potential is an Internet-based startup that, according to its founders, has experienced unexpected success in attracting health tourists since its inception in early summer.

Speaking to Financial Tribune, Mohammad Nasri, CEO, and co-founder of Tehran-based Ariamedtour, said, "From the day we launched our website, we have been inundated with requests from around the globe, including from neighboring countries."

Drawing on the traditional role of Iran as a regional medical hub, the group is offering professional treatments ranging from cosmetic surgery to general surgeries and cancer treatment.

"Iran has always been a medical attraction for citizens of neighboring countries, but we are one of the very first firms to streamline those services on an online platform," he said.

Iran has set the ambitious goal of attracting 20 million foreign tourists annually by 2025 but has largely focused on the country's rich culture and history as well as its natural wonders